Merry Christmas, Bob!, Kurzfilm 2012

(Eigene Produktion)

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A suicidal Santa Claus "Bob" in a manic depressive state of mind, attempts to kill himself. However, Bob is hit by a car in which an internally confused young jewish man in search of an identity to call his own. Bob's unexpected intrusion upon a conservative jewish family turns the traditional household upside down in a turn of events that takes you on a journey of laughter, nosey neighbors, cultural diffeneces and unexpected twists and turns of fate.

Life is a gamble... Care to take a ride?

Cast Peter Nelson, Marc Borins, Sydney Cross, David Occhipinti, Ann Green, David J. MacNeil, Dawn Cox, Carl Palmer

Originalton US-English.

Dieser Film wurde komplett in der Landessprache gedreht und produziert.  Drehorte waren Kanada (Toronto) und USA (New York)

Genre Weihnachts-Komödie
Kategorie Szenischer Kurzfilm
Dauer ca. 18 Minuten
Produktionsjahr 2012
Produzent Andreas Nicolai, Iannish Posooah
Kamera Christopher Lorenz



Andreas Nicolai